Technology is rapidly growing like a blast. With each moment, a new invention takes place, which is guaranteed to be disruptive in some way. At this pace, it is very difficult to catch up without the proper workforce. With our tech-specific recruitment fulfilled by a tech-savvy team, have that proper workforce by your side. We have domain specific recruitment services in the key areas of technology and technical research, including

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

50 years back AI was a fantasy term, but now it is becoming the ultimate reality. Ever dreamt of building intelligent assistants, snappy drones and self-aware machines? Those dreams are becoming real now, with the advanced algorithms and procedures developed recently with AI. Get Machine Learning experts, and use them to build complex artificial neural networks (ANNs), which can model the most challenging problems we face nowadays – be it simple simulations of logical gates to assisting heart transplantations, deep learning can do the magic. Build those state of art apps and services, with the right talent hired through Staffspectrum.

  • Cloud computing and Virtualization

Maintaining a private server is extremely costly nowadays, and also out of fashion. Everybody follows the big trend of renting the proper infrastructure – by making use of the extremely tempting and powerful cloud tech. Cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are ruling the market, and it is the right time to have someone who can operate and build apps on those popular services. Our talent pool has some of the best specialists available in industry – Azure, AWS, Google App Engine – be it anything. Find your required personnel and explore the ever-expanding feature set of the cloud – the future of infrastructure.

  • Production Management

This augmented world requires a lot of devices to work with. And al those devices are made in factories and production houses, which requires a lot of dedicated and extremely talented set of people. Find that perfect set of talent with our production-specific recruitment team. Build awesome devices, vehicles or almost anything – and change the world with those beautiful innovations.

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