Market Intelligence

Our world is an ever changing one. Without the proper homework, it is very difficult to keep up with the extreme pace that is increasing exponentially. No idea what to do, to stay ahead of the competition? Do research, and we are here for that. Study your market, to get the most out of it, and to make predictions and keystone decisions that might bring you a big fortune. Our market intelligence section will be your perfect fit. Our research primarily focuses on the following aspects of talent management.

  •  Talent mapping

Every coin has two sides, and you have always been thinking about only one side – the good side of things that happen in an organization. What about the other side? You have to think about that also, isn’t that right? What if somebody leave in the middle of a very crucial and time-critical project? What if your workforce won’t be enough to handle a new and huge future project? Think about the future. Create a talent queue, ready to deploy anytime. Our Talent mapping services can do that with utmost ease and happiness. We scan the industry and other organization for talent that suits the description that you gave us, and assess them by approaching and keeping them in contact. If both ends are a perfect match, they become part of your talent queue, waiting for their turn, ready to show some action upon deployment. It’s that Simple!

  •  Independent Verification Methodology

Sometimes, it is too easy to fool someone. Afraid of fraudulent applications? Not satisfied in usual background verification? Welcome to our independent verification methodology. As always, we perform checks and verification of all the certificates, resumes and stuff like that, in addition to that we perform:

o    Third party verification

We connect with people known by both the employee and the employer – so that we can guarantee unbiased, truly believable and credible results, and we verify the details of the employee with them.

o    Report Generation

Upon successful verification of details in the above prescribed method, we generate and submit the most authentic and credible reports on background check to you. Because trust is important in building a blockbuster business.

  • Compensation Survey

Good things often come at a price, right? If people are good at something, they will never do it for free – nowadays also for less. If you want to sustain your organization’s growth by maintaining the best workforce, you have to pay them the best way industry can, nowadays. But how to find the right tends, the right metrics, while also maintaining your anonymity? our compensation survey services are here for rescue. Get credible and accurate reports from our industry analytics team, which measures and analyzes salaries of various posts among different organizations. Our reports always contain the best predictions, analysis of trends, growth and decline of pay in various roles and son, in addition with detailed studies on various allowances and bonuses. Pay your workforce better, and stay ahead in the race. Always.