Contract Hiring

Got some time critical projects, but running out of people? Or have some short term assignments, with no matching talents? Or you just want to hire some people for a short period? Contract hiring is the perfect choice. Agile. Rapid. Clean. Our contract hiring solutions are the perfect match for your short term needs – be it a day, couple of weeks or months- the best talent is readily available at your fingertip. Accessible anytime.

Career Transition Services

Bored of what you do? Not satisfied with your job? Or you want to something different but afraid you won’t find the perfect match outside? Step up to join Staffspectrum’s career transition services (CT). From finding a new and suitable place that meets your qualification to renewing your resumes and updating your portfolio, our CT services takes care of all that nasty stuff. Get personalized and highly customizable counsel on finding a new place, updating resumes and portfolios according to target firm’s needs and everything you can imagine, to get you landed in your next dream job.

How we do that?

  •  You – our first step always begins in you. Your requirements are elicited first, so that we can analyze the nature of your requirement.
  • Market – Then we look into the broad and infinitely complex market that exist today – and we dive deep to find what is best for your requirement.
  •  Check and proceed – If all look perfect, we perform a mandatory background check at both ends – you and the firm, so that credibility and trust is never lost at both ends. Upon successful completion of that, we proceed with your request, connecting you and the target organization. Tada! Your next dream job, is now in your hands!